How Long Does Viagra Take to Work?

Viagra is the most famous treatment for erectile dysfunction and used by millions of men worldwide. But how long does Viagra take to work? And, equally importantly, what factors can impact on this? How long until Viagra takes effect? Generally, Viagra requires  30-60 minutes  to take effect, therefore take Viagra at least  one hour  before you intend to have sex. However, the length of time Viagra takes to work can be affected by food, alcohol and sexual stimulation. Food:  Eating any meal before you take Viagra will cause the medicine to take effect more slowly. Fatty meals can make it harder for Viagra to enter the bloodstream. Ideally, you should take Viagra on an empty stomach. This doesn’t mean starving yourself. Just leave two hours after eating before taking Viagra. Alcohol:  Drinking more than one or two units of alcohol will make Viagra less effective. Excessive alcohol can compromise erections regardless of erectile dysfunction. Sexual Stimulation: